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15 best places to visit in South Africa

Stretching languorously from the East to West Cape provinces is the Garden Route. Before you ask, the scenery is as pretty as the name sounds. Take a road trip down the 200km coastline and watch South Africa’s beaches, forests, lakes, and meadows pass by like a dream.

On the Garden Route coastline, you can also spot whales, dolphins, sharks and even penguins on a lucky day! Feeling a little hot and sweaty on your drive? I’d hope you have A.C in your vehicle, though the weather here usually stays below 25 C. Stop off for a swim at Nature’s Valley Beach to cool down and grab dinner in view of the sand-stone cliffs of Knysna, one of the best towns to visit in South Africa. 

There’s an oyster festival every summer (usually July) to celebrate the peak of harvest, where you can sample the ‘fruit’ of the Indian Ocean. Even if you don’t like seafood, this festival is more of a cultural event instead of a foodie marathon… expect sports, games, and outdoor activities to be run during the 10 days of the festival. 




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