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Jeen-Yuhs: Every Celeb Cameo in the Kanye West Docuseries

With creative beat samplings and unique use of tone and lyrics, Kanye West has worked his way to being arguably one of the greatest music producers and rappers of all time. West’s stardom did not occur overnight, and his music journey is highlighted in the Netflix docuseriesJeen-Yuhs,” directed and produced by Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozah. The series premiered on Feb. 16 and will air in three parts, concluding on March 2.

The series has been in the making for 20 years and intimately recounts everything from West’s beginnings in Chicago as a local beat producer and the rocky, grueling process of obtaining a record deal to becoming the polarizing figure we know today. “Jeen-Yuhs” portrays West in a different light than what we’re used to — without the shock factor and scandals, but rather as a man with a dream and people who helped him along the way. West has collaborated with several notable people throughout his career, and here are some of the faces you’ll recognize in “Jeen-Yuhs,” streaming now on Netflix now.



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