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Marvel’s Avengers Hints At Big Future Updates, Roadmap Coming Soon

Crystal Dynamics has been relatively quiet regarding the future of Marvel’s Avengers and filling that silence with a slew of Marvel Cinematic Universe skins. However, the team, while not ready to share a detailed roadmap, said that it is looking at a few features in the game and making some important structural tweaks.

As stated in an update on the game’s website, Nick Fury is returning to lead S.H.I.E.L.D. to “coordinate future Avengers Initiative” missions. He has already been in the game a few times, but it sounds like future DLC or special objectives will involve him more heavily.

The developer is also taking a look at whole host of elements and trying to streamline them for veterans and make it easier for newcomers. Mission selection is one such area. Currently, the game’s map can be a little confusing, as it is a globe with different nodes on it that are laid out nonlinearly on different territories, making some objectives easy to miss. The studio didn’t detail how, but it is looking to change how to choose and start missions. The primary goal of these mysterious changes will be to “improve the flow for new players to reduce frustration in the leveling process” and will “create larger, more concentrated matchmaking pools for higher-level players.”

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Gear perks are also next on the list. Crystal Dynamics wants to better balance them and create more ways for people to customize their play experience so there is a wider variety of strong builds to find. Gear sets will also be attainable through a “wider set of play activities,” likely giving users more opportunities to grab said gear.

These changes come with a few smaller tweaks. The Shipments added in the last big update did give more ways to earn cosmetics, but threw off the Units economy. The next update will make Units a little easier to earn in certain endgame activities. Opening up Omega-Level Threats and Raids to more heroes has also been a success, as now the studio wants to do the same for Mega Hives.

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All of these changes should come through in the 2.3 update slated for March, but Crystal Dynamics talked in vague terms about the game’s future past that. More big changes are coming, yet players will have to wait for a more traditional roadmap to see exactly what these changes are.

“We also can’t wait to share more about our long-term plans and will do so as soon as our teams finalize development and launch schedules. We’ve loved our adventures together, and we’re excited to show and share with you the adventures we have planned for new ways to fight, new Heroes to fight with, new challenges to face and how we plan to continue expanding Marvel’s Avengers.”

Rumors have pointed to She-Hulk being the next playable character, the first hero since Spider-Man and the first multiplatform one since Black Panther. Whether or not these rumors are true remains a mystery, yet that might not not stay one for much longer.



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