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These famous world explorers stood up for social travel

Ever heard of the Seven Summits? Wasfia Nazreen was the first Bangladeshi and Bengali person in history to complete this internationally-acclaimed achievement. Notoriously difficult to complete, the Seven Summits requires you to reach the top of each of the tallest mountains across 7 continents. That includes Everest, i.e the tallest mountain on earth and Kilimanjaro!

Throughout Wasfia’s career, she hasn’t just been breaking boundaries when it comes to mountains. She’s also been an advocate for human rights, woman’s rights, and climate action. She’s a member of CARE, a humanitarian non-profit organisation, and even set up her own foundation, dedicated in ’empowering adolescent girls’ through classes and workshops set outdoors.

Trained in yoga from a young age by her mother, Wasfia’s goal is to help girls from Bangladesh and across the world to gain an appreciation for nature and mindfulness that will help them succeed. After reaching the 7th summit, she thanked those who helped her get there, writing, ‘Throughout my 20+ years of traveling like a nomad, I was shown enormous generosity & kindness from countless beings who opened up their homes and lives to me and made me their family.’ 

Wasfia spoke about growing up in Bangladesh, an area prone to natural disasters and flooding, and how it gave her a thick skin and ‘respect for Mother Earth’. A lot of her current work deals with educating people about the impacts of climate change and how to take action to achieve environmental goals.

No doubt, Wasfia is a role model to many young women and people around the world who have dreams of making positive change. She was recently joined to the record-breaking table by Preet Chandi, who made headlines as the first woman of colour ski to the South Pole. Hats off to you, Preet and Wasfia!



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