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Skyrim Player is Being Haunted by the Ghost of a Dead Dragon

One Skyrim player appears to be haunted by the ghost of a Frost Dragon that they had killed. Luckily, it wasn’t a ghost but a rather odd glitch.

A brand new glitch has just been discovered in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, this time centering on the corpse of one of the game’s many dragons. The best-selling open-world Bethesda RPG, which came out over a decade ago, has earned a reputation in the gaming community for its funny glitches.

Skyrim is one of the most popular western RPGs ever made. Part of that popularity can be attributed to Skyrim‘s focus on creating a vast, complex virtual world. Players can explore countless fantastical vistas, rural villages, medieval cities, and otherworldly realms. Across these many diverse digital spaces, players frequently encounter mythical and hostile dragons, which they can either face head-on or flee from. If the player does decide to fight one of these dragons and emerges victorious, they will consume its soul which ultimately increases their power and offers up new unlockable abilities known as Shouts. As such, there is a very high incentive for players to hunt down and slay these various creatures.


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A recently uncovered glitch might make players think twice about taking down that next dragon, however. Shared by Reddit user Lapsos_de_Lucidez earlier today, the bug appears to result in the corpse of a Frost Dragon spawning behind the player character. Lapsos_de_Lucidez explains that, upon killing the dragon, its corpse did not disappear, nor did its soul leave its body. On top of that, the body of the dragon would seem to teleport behind Lapsos_de_Lucidez whenever it left their sight.

Skyrim Frost Dragon Ghost

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All of this gives the impression that the dragon is “haunting” Lapsos_de_Lucidez. One commenter even suggests the theory that the dragon is guilting Lapsos_de_Lucidez for taking its life. While this is obviously not the case and this teleporting corpse is clearly the result of a bug, coming up with these tongue-in-cheek backstories is a fun way to deal with Skyrim‘s many glitches.

Skyrim has been endlessly teased over the years for its bugs, as has Bethesda head Todd Howard for his “they’re not bugs, they’re features” comments. While most players seem to be forgiving of these glitches, it is interesting that a game that came out more than ten years ago, that has been re-released and ported several times since then, still hasn’t had all its bugs ironed out. It is also indicative of the changing standards of the gaming community at large. While contemporary titles like Cyberpunk 2077 are criticized and scrutinized for their glitches and poor performance, gamers clearly had higher tolerances for bugs back in 2011.

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Skyrim is currently available on all platforms.

Source: Lapsos_de_Lucidez/Reddit


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