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10 reasons why Spain is our #1 sustainable destination

When it comes to travel in 2022, there’s one thing at the top of everyone’s mind…how to be a conscientious traveller.  

How can we travel sustainably?  

Is there even a good way to do it?  

Well, travel companies (like Contiki) and the destinations you love are working hard and taking steps to be as sustainable as possible.  

Contiki, for example, is now 100% carbon neutral (yupp!) and one of Europe’s top destinations is also doing it right. Spain is one country that is taking sustainability SERIOUSLY. 

Spain’s ecotourism focus has been at the forefront of their plans for a long time, and year over year they continue to hit goals by protecting their land, wildlife, and so much more. 

Curious to learn more about why Spain is the ultimate sustainability destination? Let’s do it.



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