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PBS Airs Final Episode of Arthur TV Series

It’s the end of era! After 25 seasons, PBS aired the final episode of “Arthur.” In the series finale, aptly titled, “All Grown Up,” which aired on Feb. 21, viewers catch a glimpse of Arthur and his friends all grown up. In a scene fast-forwarding to 20 years later, it’s revealed that the titular character Arthur, a kind-hearted aardvark, becomes a graphic novelist, while his best friend Buster Baxter is now an English teacher. Meanwhile, Francine helms a sneaker company and Muffy runs for mayor. Unsurprisingly, Arthur’s sister D.W. is a traffic cop and Binky Barnes is a local weatherman.

Turns out, the events of the Feb. 21 episode are part of Arthur’s graphic novel memoir. And, of course, there’s a sweet nod to the very first episode. While revealing the book to his friends, Arthur reads: “Chapter 1, How I got my very first pair of glasses.” If you can remember, the first episode of Arthur was titled, “Arthur’s Eyes; Francine’s Bad Hair Day.”

PBS confirmed that “Arthur” episodes will continue to air on the network, with a podcast, video shorts, and digital games in the works. “It’s amazing that what began as a simple bedtime story for my son eventually evolved into over a hundred books and a collaboration with GBH and PBS Kids that would last 25 years,” “Arthur” creator Marc Brown said of the emotional finale. “Now more than ever the last line of my first book Arthur’s Nose rings true — ‘There is a lot more to Arthur than his nose.'”

In July 2021, Variety reported that the show’s then-upcoming 25th season would be its last. “Arthur” is the longest-running children’s animated show in the nation’s history, winning four Daytime Emmys for outstanding children’s animated program and a Peabody Award in 2001. Watch the full season finale of “Arthur” above!



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