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Maude Apatow Struggled With Bad Acne Filming Euphoria

“My skin got a lot worse.”

Maude Apatow is opening up about her skin struggles — and she says it all started with Euphoria.

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The actor explained that when she began wearing more makeup on set, her skin reacted pretty poorly.

“When I started working and wearing more makeup, my skin got a lot worse,” Maude said in a video for Vogue’s Beauty Secrets series.

Things got so bad that Maude said she had to tell director Sam Levinson to “be careful with the lighting.”

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“I was shooting Euphoria a couple months ago and I got three gigantic zits on my forehead. You couldn’t cover them, they were so big. And they stuck out,” Maude explained.

Thankfully, Maude has come up with a beauty routine as well as some golden rules to help her skin deal with the heavy makeup on set.

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“I needed to come up with a routine, and this one I’ve used all through shooting Euphoria and it’s worked,” Maude said.

She continued, “It’s taken me a long time to figure out products that don’t make me break out. And even still, I think it’s just wearing so much makeup for so many hours, and reapplying it and reapplying it, it just gets like — it’s so hard not to break out.”

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As for her most important skincare rules? Making sure all her makeup comes off at the end of the day and not picking at her skin.

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