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Best Loom Kits for Learning Weaving Skills –

Over, under, over, under, over, under. Weaving is a wonderful activity, both meditative and creative. People have been hand-weaving from nearly the dawn of time, creating clothing, baskets, and textiles from various flexible materials. Today weaving is experiencing something of a revival as people are drawn to its calming, rhythmic nature. The craft also yields beautiful handmade items we can actually use, such as hats, scarves, cozies, and pot holders. There are many loom kits available to help you or a child in your life to get started, and they typically provide a more cost-effective option than purchasing materials and tools separately. Here are our picks of the best to help you make the perfect choice.

1. Melissa & Doug Multi-Craft Weaving Loom

This sturdy and versatile large standing loom has a well-designed frame made from high-quality wood, with warp notches ½ inch apart on adjustable bars. It measures 22.75 by 16.5 inches—large enough to make medium-size wall works but still light and portable. You can also adjust the bars to alter the size of the weaving space, making this a loom you can grow with. Dowel positioners help beginners keep their weaving’s edges straight, and the frame maintains an excellent tension, which is vital for every project. A large, wooden needle and 91 yards of soft, rainbow-colored yarn are included; there are also clear, illustrated instructions, including directions for creating three colorful, gender-neutral animal tapestries. The loom is easy for young children to use, but teens will enjoy it too.

2. Lavievert Wooden Multi-Craft Weaving Loom

Lavievert’s premium loom is a miniature tabletop version of a floor loom. Warp (vertical) yarn is tied to two axis rods and threaded through two warp shafts that are shifted up and down using the top rod. Included are several shuttles preloaded with weft (horizontal) yarn; thread the shuttles through the warp threads and then move yarn closer together with the red comb. Woven sections may be wound around the axis rods to create long lengths of fabric. The loom, which collapses flat for easy storage, is great for weaving scarves, table runners, pot holders, and place mats.

3. Made By Me Ultimate Weaving Loom

When students begin to weave, they require sturdy, compact looms like this one on which to practice their fine-motor skills. Teachers love this loom’s simple, stripped-down square design that doesn’t feature any warp yarns, allowing students to simply focus on creating patterns. Instead, each edge has rounded pegs that serve as anchors for craft loops, which you lay down to form your design. The stretchy loops are made specifically for this loom and won’t slide off; the pegs also maintain accurate spacing between loops. Young artists quickly learn how to make pot holders and coasters with this kit, which comes with one plastic hook and plenty of colorful loops—378 of them, to be exact.

4. Boye Round Loom Set

Curious about knitting but worried that you’ll feel overwhelmed? Circular looms are an ideal introduction to the practice. These looms are lightweight and easy to manipulate, making it fairly simple to create hats, scarves, bags, and more. This set includes four looms of various sizes from 5.5 to 11.5 inches in diameter. They are made from durable plastic and are smooth and sturdy. Each features rounded pegs that are tall and notched so yarn doesn’t accidentally slip off as you work up your speed. The set includes a good-quality hook, needle, and great instructions as well as a pattern for a hat, but you’ll have to buy your yarn separately.


5. Schacht Cricket Loom

The Schacht Spindle Company is renowned for its handweaving equipment, which is carefully built, part by part, in a Colorado factory. The Cricket, one of its best sellers, is made of high-quality maple and is a great loom for beginners ready for an upgrade. This 15-inch version is a great in-between size that allows for a variety of weaving projects. It’s incredibly user friendly, and Schacht has an online library of instructional videos.



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