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Disney Announces LAUNCHPAD Season 2 — GeekTyrant

Disney+ announced that there will be a season 2 of it’s series of live action short films Launchpad. In an effort to bring more diverse and underrepresented stories, Launchpad brings together filmmakers and pairs them with a Disney senior creative executive to bring their ideas to life.

The series itself provides invaluable experience and connections to these up and coming filmmakers and gives us some stories with fresh perspectives to watch. Here is a list of working titles, directors, and synopsis for the stories to expect in season 2.

  • BEAUTIFUL, FL – Director: Gabriela Ortega; Writers: Joel Perez and Adrian Ferbeyre

    • A teen girl scrambles to get spare parts from her eclectic trailer park neighbors and fix the family RV in time to share her tia abuela’s special flavor in the annual Beautiful, FL Ice Cream Competition.

  • BLACK BELTS – Director: Spencer Glover; Writer: Xavier Stiles

    • KJ, an offbeat middle schooler and martial arts movie nerd from Compton, challenges the top dojos in South LA, wearing his uncle’s old black belt. But when his former fighter dad gets too involved, both learn there’s more to life than keeping your guard up.

  • THE GHOST – Director: Erica Eng; Writer: Kevin Park

    • 12-year-old Clarice Cheung feels like she’s invisible in her family—especially next to her older sister Naomi. But when a powerful ghost appears in their house, the estranged sisters will have to team up and stop it before their family is torn apart forever.

  • MAXINE – Director/Writer: Niki Ang

  • PROJECT CC – Director: Cashmere Jasmine; Writer: Jasmine Johnson

  • THE ROOF – Director: Alexander Bocchieri; Writer: W.A.W. Parker

I’m really excited to watch The Ghost and Project CC, both sound interesting and fun. Which episode looks most interesting to you?



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