Iggy Azaela ‘Surgically’ Adds ‘1 Gallon Of FAT’ To Backside . . . Now Can BARELY WALK!! (Watch)


    Female rap sensation Iggy Azalea is looking to make a career resurgence. The female rapper is planning on releasing new music – and she has a new look to go along with it.

    Iggy Azalea Refuses To Twerk On IG Live

    MTO News confirmed that Iggy appeared for a concert last weekend at the Las Vegas hotspot LIGHT. And at the concert she showed off her new look – which was substantially MORE curvy than she’s looked in the past.

    We spoke to a person close to Iggy, who speculated as to what the female rapper may have done to “enhance” her body. The insider told MTO News, “She looks like she got another BBL – and they put a lot more fat in her [backside.]”


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