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Mandalorian Concept Artist Reveals Where Din’s New Armor Came From

Brian Matyas reveals in the caption of his early season 2 Din Djarin concept art that a piece of a droid’s leg replaced his missing thigh armor.

Brian Matyas, an artist who works on The Mandalorian, has revealed where a new piece of the character’s armor came from. Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) has been taking hard hits ever since the very first episode of the series, when he was thrown around by blurrgs. His armor has made it possible for him to withstand such blows, but even the beskar Mandalorian armor and its alloys have given way beneath the brutality of what Din has been through.

Viewers got their first look at Din in his red suit of armor, an almost mismatched look that gave the bounty hunter a gruff look. This suit of armor was almost completely destroyed by Din’s fight with the mudhorn and would have failed him had Grogu not saved him by holding the creature back with the Force. His reward for turning in Grogu, a camtono of beskar, was the perfect replacement that gave Din a full suit of reinforced armor—aside from a piece of thigh armor, which looked to be mixed with some of his old armor. This new suit of beskar served Din and his trials well for the rest of season 1, until he was blown up by Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) in the season 1 finale. That same piece of thigh armor was gone, and when viewers saw Din again in season 2, it had somehow been replaced.


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Now, Matyas has revealed on Instagram where that piece of thigh armor came from. In “Chapter 6: The Prisoner,” Din worked with a gang that included the droid Q9-0, a.k.a. Zero. Din was not fond of the droid for a variety of reasons, most notably because he was a droid and because he tried to kill Grogu. Yet, in “Chapter 10: The Passenger” of the next season, viewers saw that Din had kept Zero’s deactivated body in the Razor Crest. It turns out this might’ve been a hint to the audience as to where Din’s new piece of thigh armor came from. Matyas shared in the caption of his early season 2 concept art for Din that his main goal with the drawing was to show how Din took a piece of Zero’s leg and made it into his own piece of armor. Check out Matya’s post below:

Click here to see Matyas’ original post.

This choice by Din is not only resourceful, but also quite symbolic. Din’s armor has often acted as a symbol of the metaphorical armor he stays within. Whenever Din’s armor has withstood its toughest trials, Din’s resolve has been just as beaten down. In the mudhorn fight, Din was ready to face his fate with just his vibroblade in hand. When his armor took blindsided bolts from Fennec Shand’s (Ming-Na Wen) sniper in “Chapter 5: The Gunslinger,” Din also became blindsided by the betrayal of Toro Calican (Jake Cannavale). In the season 1 finale, Din’s armor was stained with the grime of explosions and blood, which was just as worn down as the severely injured Mandalorian himself. The theme continues through season 2 and even Din’s appearance in The Book of Boba Fett.

Incorporating droid armor into Din’s armor is thus a true symbol of his character growth. He chose to reinforce himself with what is perhaps his worst fear in the galaxy: a droid. His willingness to do this shows his rising strength in combating such fears, a lesson no doubt learned from his time spent with Grogu. From letting Peli Motto’s (Amy Sedaris) pit droids work on the Razor Crest to accepting BD-1’s help with his N-1 Starfighter (and a hearty “Thanks, little guy“), Din’s growing tolerance for droids has been just one example of his character growth, but a very crucial one. If Din continues in this pattern, there’s no telling what else he can break free from. Din’s Mandalorian creed could be next, especially now that he’s been banished by his old tribe. What’s for certain is how details such as this in Matyas’ work is what helps The Mandalorian and Din’s journey to be such a special and rewarding experience.

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Source: Brian Matyas/Instagram


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