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20 Songs Every Material Girl Needs To Listen To

Pulling inspiration from Madonna’s 1985 smash hit “Material Girl,” Saucy Santana did a booming rendition of Madonna’s single, keeping the same energy as the Queen of Pop in his version. Since Saucy Santana has dropped his song “Material Girl,” it has fueled an entire TikTok movement known as the “Material Gworl” aesthetic — the term “gworl” is used to emphasize Santana’s specific pronunciation of “girl.” 

The way Santana enunciated “girl” added to the fame of his record, and compelled every person who embraces being bad and boujee to categorize themselves specifically as a “Material Gworl.” Including myself. Whenever I’m in Material Gworl mode, I love listening to Saucy Santana and other music artists that make me feel like a true Boss Chick. For all the other hot girls out there, here are the 20 songs you need to have on your playlist for when you’re in your Material Gworl slash Boss Chick bag.



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