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DC Trucker Convoy Does Laps Around Beltway In Massive GOP Failure

The trucker convoy did eventually come to D.C. sort of, as they spent Sunday protesting high gas prices by doing laps around the Beltway.


The irony of truckers supposedly protesting gas prices by driving around in circles in trucks that a few miles to the gallon was not lost on observers:

According to Republicans, truckers were going to blockade the Super Bowl, but they never showed up. The truckers bailed on blocking Biden’s SOTU. Then the truckers were going to the White House, but they decided not to at the last second. Finally, we were told that they would protest by coming to D.C., but they drove around on the Beltway a couple of times and then called it a day.

The trucker convoy has been a massive failure for the Republican Party and right-wing media. The widespread outrage that they were hoping to stoke doesn’t seem to be out there.

The convoy is the same crew of Trump extremists who are still mad that they lost in 2020 and really have no idea what they are protesting about. They’re just a bunch of mad white people, and they want the rest of us to know how angry they are.

Biden’s approval rating is rising. The Russians are committing war crimes in Ukraine. The world has important problems right now, so America is out of time for a bunch of Tucker Carlson watching Trump supporters who don’t want to wear masks.

If the trucker convoy is a preview of GOP strength, Republicans could be in trouble this November.




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