Deribit begins rollout of its USDC priced suite of perpetuals with BTC-USDC » CryptoNinjas


    Deribit, the popular crypto derivatives exchange, has announced the commencement and first instrument launch date of its USDC-based set of margined products.

    Coming up this Wednesday, March 9th at 1 PM UTC, a BTC-USDC-perpetual will be listed.

    A shortlist of USDC products Deribit plans to launch can be found below:

    Note, the exchange’s USDC wallet was opened on February, 23th 2022 when all clients received a free trading fee balance of USDC 100.

    Some launch notices:

    • USDC linear will enable users to trade one collateral for multiple different assets; clients can use USDC to trade multiple instruments without depositing each instrument (e.g. BTC or ETH as collateral).
    • Trading and particularly the P&L for linear products is considered simpler and more intuitive compared to inverse products.
    • The USDC address on Deribit is based on the ERC20 USDC (Ethereum network).
    • Deribit’s Swap functionality will launch when the first instrument is tradable.
    • Perpetual Funding Rate methodology is identical to Deribit’s inverse perpetuals, however, the cap is higher and set at +/- 5% for all linear USDC perpetuals.
    • A USDC insurance fund will start with a value of USDC 10 million.


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