Peter Doocy Tried To Snarky With Jen Psaki And It Did Not Go Well


    Peter Doocy tried to snarky with Jen Psaki on questions ranging from gas prices to the Keystone Pipeline, and it did not go well.


    After dealing with Doocy’s daily question trying to blame Biden for rising gas prices, the exchange later moved on to Doocy, pushing for Biden to approve the Keystone XL pipeline construction.

    Video of the Keystone XL exchange:

    Doocy asked, “Just a quick yes or no. Is a restart of the Keystone XL construction entirely off the table as long as Joe Biden is president? “

    Psaki responded, “What would that help address?” 

    Doocy repeated his question, “I’m asking you if it is an option. All options are on the table. Is Keystone one of them? “

    Psaki explained to Doocy the difference between a pipeline and an oilfield, “If we are trying to bring about more supply,  that does not address the problem. We are already getting that oil, Peter. The pipeline is the delivery mechanism,  it is not an oilfield. So it does not provide more supply into the system. 

    Doocy kept going, “Is it possible Joe Biden will ever say you guys can go ahead with the construction of Keystone XL?”

    Psaki put that to bed, “There is no place for that in it will not address any problems that we have currently.”

    Peter Doocy definitely upped the snark factor in his questions, and he ended up in the same place that he always does. He was once again owned by Jen Psaki and unable to provide Fox News with any of the confrontational clips they subsist on.

    Asking partisan questions didn’t work, and snarky questions didn’t work. Doocy should try something foreign to Fox News and use facts.


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