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22 Reasons To Learn A Language In 2022

Summer, winter, fall, spring — any season is a good season to start learning a new language, so we’ve compiled our top 22 reasons to learn a language in 2022.

Whether you’re taking a trip soon or have had ambitions of learning a new language for years, odds are you want to start speaking it confidently sooner than later. Babbel, the #1 selling language learning app, teaches you a lot more than just vocab words. It helps you truly understand a new language and discover its people, places, culture, history and more. In addition to app-based lessons, you can also learn through games, podcasts, videos and even live virtual online classes with top teachers – Babbel Live. Babbel is a flexible, engaging and enjoyable way to explore a new language.

Every person is different, so we don’t expect all 22 reasons to learn a language in 2022 to apply to you in particular. Maybe you’ll be inspired by many of them, or maybe just one will set off a spark.

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