After Getting Arrested For Driving With A Revoked License, Madison Cawthorn Pretends To Register Voters At A Gas Station


    Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) thought it would be a great idea to remind everybody of his arrest by pretending to register voters at a gas station.


    The video is as corny, contrived, and staged as one would imagine, but what is striking is the tone-deafness of putting a guy who is facing multiple speeding tickets and was arrested for driving with a revoked license at a gas station.

    While watching the video, all I could think was don’t let him behind the wheel.

    Food prices are really high too. Cawthorn could have tried to “register voters” at a supermarket or outside of the supermarket.

    There are a million different ways to stage this sort of video that wouldn’t remind people that Cawthorn is a danger behind the wheel of a car and is facing multiple citations along with potentially 20 days in jail.

    The entitlement behind this video is also a sight to behold. Madison Cawthorn thinks that endangering the lives of others is so meaningless that he goes to a place that reminds everyone of driving to pretend to register voters.

    While Republicans are trying to exploit gas prices for political gain, it is important to remember that they wanted and pressured Biden to ban Russian oil and natural gas. The GOP’s donors in the oil industry are refusing to increase production.

    Republicans are not blameless in this crisis, but people like Madison Cawthorn want to pretend like they are a populist voice, when in reality, Cawthorn is an elitist who doesn’t believe that the laws that the rest of us follow apply to him.


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