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Bill Barr Says That The Progressive Left, Not Trump, Are The Real Totalitarians

Former Trump Attorney General Bill Barr said that it is the progressive left that has the real totalitarian mindset.


Barr was asked on CNN’s The Lead With Jake Tapper if he would work against Trump being the Republican nominee.

He answered, “Absolutely.  Yes. I think the coming presidential election would be a good opportunity for the Republican party. From my standpoint, the progressive left has, is sort of showing sort of a totalitarian temperament, and I think the Republicans can win a decisive majority. But I don’t think we can do it with Trump. He’s just too divisive a candidate.”

The problem isn’t that Trump tried to stage a coup to overturn an election. Bill Barr doesn’t think that Trump is a threat to democracy because he tried to kill it.

In Barr’s mind, Trump is too divisive to win.

It’s is fine for Republicans to try to overturn elections, but they can’t be divisive about it.

The real non-shocker is that Bill Barr worked for the most authoritarian-leaning president in United States history, but he thinks that the progressive left are the people with the authoritarian mindset.

Of course, CNN’s Jake Tapper didn’t bother to ask Barr why he thinks that the left has an authoritarian mindset because it would be interesting to know how a former US attorney general could think that the party that is trying to save democracy and protect voting rights has an authoritarian way of thinking, but asking the Beltway media to push a Republican is hoping for too much.

January 6, 2021, made it very clear who the authoritarians are, and they aren’t the people who are trying to protect voting rights, women’s healthcare rights, and opposing Vladimir Putin.

The media is trying to rehabilitate Bill Barr, but no one should mistake his distaste for Trump for supporting democracy.



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