Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 Storyboard Previews Goku vs. Gas


    Ahead of Dragon Ball Super‘s newest chapter in V Jump, the storyboard for the upcoming chapter was released on the official Dragon Ball website.

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    The storyboard gives fans a sneak peek at Chapter 82, which will release in V Jump’s super-sized May Edition on Saturday, March 19, 2022. The action in Chapter 82 picks up right where Chapter 81 left off, as Elec shot Granolah in the back right in front of Goku. Despite being enraged, Goku now has to compose himself in order to take on a newly powered-up Gas.

    Check out the Dragon Ball Super Chapter 82 storyboards below:

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    The 82nd chapter of Dragon Ball Super will focus mostly on Goku struggling to find a way to deal with Gas, but will also touch on the re-telling of Bardock’s story. Thankfully for fans who are excited to check out the newest issue, they won’t have to wait too long, as the issue is set to shelves in just a week.



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