Monday, October 3, 2022
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The top festivals in Europe you need to know about!

Exclusivity. Freedom. Once in a lifetime opportunity…basically, If Contiki did Fyre Festival this is how it would have gone down. Are you ready to live the high life in this truly unique weekend away??

Newly renovated for 2022 this chic AF Chateau has enough wow factor to have your entire Instagram following sliding into your DM’s asking where the F*** you are. Will there be parties I hear you ask? Will there be live music? Pool parties? And dancing the night away? All of the above. Best of all, the bar is always open and guess what…you don’t have to wait 35 minutes to grab a drink, the toilets don’t look like a murder scene, the bedsheets are clean (when you arrive anyway), the showers are warm and readily available, you don’t have to pay $20 for a bacon sandwich AND you will NEVER have to wee in a cup (unless you know about some weird game we don’t).

This is the festival experience without the faff…and perhaps without the A-List Musical talent but the vibe is there, we promise.



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