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Daniel Radcliffe Denies MCU Wolverine Rumors But Wouldn’t Say Never

Daniel Radcliffe has already spent time in the shoes of one legendary character for a film franchise, but rumors continue to persist that he is set to play Wolverine in the future of the X-Men franchise.

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Speaking to Good Morning Britain (via Variety) in a recent interview, Radcliffe was asked about the rumors. According to the actor, however, he says that the rumors are just that at the moment.

“I keep getting asked about it and I always try and be like, ‘No, it’s not happening, it’s just a Twitter rumor,’” said Radcliffe. “And everyone keeps taking that as confirmation. But it’s just fan theory at the moment. But I welcome the comparison. I mean, who wouldn’t like to be compared to Hugh Jackman?’”

Radcliffe was then asked once again if that meant he would turn down the role, and Radcliffe said he wouldn’t say “never,” but he doesn’t think that Marvel is looking to him specifically for the role despite what the internet may say.

“I mean I’d never say never but that sounds like I’m almost inviting it. Like, I’m sure Marvel are watching me like ‘We’re not thinking about you dude.’”

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Radcliffe’s rumored involvement with an X-Men film has been going on for some time, and only got stronger when Disney regained the rights to some of Marvel’s more iconic franchises like X-Men and The Fantastic 4. As of now, though, no official casting for anyone in the X-Men world has been announced, so fans will have to keep waiting for official news.



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