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Disney Confirms Moon Knight’s Place on MCU Timeline

One of the most appealing things about Marvel’s ever-expanding cinematic universe is that it works just like the company’s comic books. Instead of standalone stories, each new TV show, movie, and holiday special exists in the same world and reacts to what has come before. That’s one reason why Moon Knight is such an interesting addition to Phase 4.

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Just like in his own comics, the Fist of Khonshu is a loner who doesn’t interact with many of the starring Avengers that exist across the rest of the MCU. Because of that, there has been some question from diehard fans as to when Moon Knight takes place in the universe’s overall timeline, and Disney is happy to answer the call.

The confirmation comes via Disney+, which features a playlist that lists every MCU show available on the service in timeline order. Moon Knight lands right after Hawkeye, which took place during 2024’s holiday season. The time skip introduced during Avengers: Infinity War means that Marvel’s heroes are living a few years ahead of us mere mortals on Earth-1218.

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This means that Moon Knight takes place in 2025, placing it around the events of Loki and Spider-Man: Far From Home. While it’s rumored that at least one familiar face will cameo in the Oscar Issacs vehicle before it finishes its six-episode run, it’s just as likely that Moon Knight will fade into the back alleys of Marvel’s New York as Phase 4 continues to roll out its vast 2022 lineup.



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