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Elden Ring Item Causes Ban From Game – Be Careful | GameSpot News – GS News Updates

These forbidden undies are a piece of leg armor called the Deathbed Smalls. The item reportedly belongs to a set alongside the Deathbed Dress, but unlike the dress, the panties are unobtainable through a quest and seems to have been cut from the game’s final release. One of those players, ironically named Pantsu Dealer, is invading other worlds and leaving the cursed item behind for unsuspecting players. This has resulted in tons of 180-day ban reports from players on the Elden Ring subreddit.

The famous Let Me Solo Her, is now an NPC summon thanks to a mods from Gardebn of Eyes. This Elden celebrity is a pot-head hero who has been soloing Malenia, one of the game’s hardest bosses, and helping other players who are having trouble taking her down themselves. This mod replaces the games Lone Wolf ashes and can take Malenia out pretty quickly.

There are a lot of changes coming to Battlefield 2042 Tuesday, April 19; over 400 changes in total, including big changes for weapon attachments, voice chat functionality, and improvements for the end-of-round menu.



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