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Nicki Minaj Says People Should Keep Her Name Out Of Their Mouths

Nicki Minaj is letting everybody know to keep her name out of their mouths. 

On Tuesday, the well respected rap queen let off a few tweets that had a lot to say about who she is as a rapper, and that people should not mention her when speaking.

Not specifically directing the tweet to anyone in particular, the “We Go Up” rapper wrote:

Many of y’all never experienced a “Nicki got her foot on btchs necks” era & it shows.” Nicki continued to say,  “So from this day forth y’all will not get papa bear mommy cuz y’all don’t deserve her. Yall won’t get ‘bout to be preggers Nicki or preggers Nicki. Y’all gon get who y’all begged4 

Further clarifying her tweet, Nicki also said:

And baby, that “btchs necks” covers the whole spectrum. Nigg@z tooooooooooooooooo

The mother-of-one also went on to say:

Excuse me, When you talk to me please don’t bring the following 2 things up.

A cheap h*e or a cheap heaux. U b****es gotta learn now.

She also tweeted:

Keep my mtha fkn name out ya mthafkn mouth.


Ima show u tho.


This comes a few hours after Rubi Rose’s interview with “Big Facts Podcast” was released. During the conversation, she spoke about dating and mentioned they assumed dynamics between Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty.

Rubi Rose stated:

If they don’t, we can work on it. I will help, of course, but I don’t want to be the man in the relationship, but I will. I see Nicki Minaj is happy.

Rubi later clarified that her comments weren’t mean to be taken in a negative way.

Another rap gworl who had a few thangs to say about Nicki Minaj is Erica Banks. Just weeks after saying Nicki blocked her for agreeing with Baby Tate when the 25-year-old stated her feelings were hurt, and she felt ignored, Banks recently stated Nicki only worked with women who couldn’t rap.

Chile, I guess somebody got the memo.

Who y’all think Nicki is referring to, though?



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