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Saints Row – Everything We Know So Far

Even though the announcement of the game’s new city and a drastically different cast of characters left fans divided, the experience is still looking to be as wild as previous entries. Just don’t expect super powers this time around. Here is everything we know about Saints Row so far.

Similar to the rest of the series, Saints Row is being developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. With this opportunity to start over, series developer Volition wanted to create criminals that were more relatable and one way of doing that was to show those goons starting from nothing. Each of the new criminals are just trying to make ends meet and head out on their own because they are tired of working for other gangs. Their goal is to get rich and take over the fictional city of Santo Ileso, a huge and vibrant sandbox in the American south west.

Saints Row is scheduled to launch on August 23, 2022. The game was originally set to release on February 25 before being delayed so that the team could do a little bit more fine tuning. The game will be released for both current and past generation consoles, as well as PC.



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