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Update: Blac Chyna Reportedly Testifies That She Was Joking When Pointing An Unloaded Gun At Rob Kardashian’s Head

As testimony continues in the Blac Chyna and Kardashian trial, Blac Chyna allegedly testified that she was playing when she pointed a gun at Rob Kardashian, TMZ reports.

In Chyna’s civil trial, she took the stand and expressed that pointing an unloaded gun at Rob Kardashian’s head was a joke. 

While detailing the gun incident, Blac Chyna says that Rob was on FaceTime, talking with his friends when she held up the gun, and jokingly stated he bet not leave her. Blac Chyna continued to say that the gun wasn’t loaded and claims Rob told her no bullets were in the house.

BC says Rob was eating and on FaceTime with his friends when she came up to him and put the gun to his head … she says she jokingly said he better never leave her and wasn’t being serious.

Blac Chyna continued to testify and discussed the night of an alleged fight. She says the two were “being silly” and celebrating when it was announced their show was picked up for a second season. 

Her attorney played a clip from the incident that showed Rob’s shirt being torn. The 33-year-old testified that Rob never told her she was hurting him and she meant no harm.

It was also reported that Blac Chyna put an iPhone charger around Rob’s neck. While on the stand, the former reality star stated she put the charger around Rob’s neck to get his attention because he was playing video games. Blac Chyna said she had no intention of strangling Rob.

She also testified that in December of 2016, there was an argument about the paternity of their daughter, Dream. Chyna says Rob accused her of cheating and was going through the phone. Ultimately, a DNA test was taken to prove he is, in fact, the father of Dream.

Roomies, we’ll continue to keep you updated as the trial unfolds.




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