Sunday, September 25, 2022
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Billboards Are Going Up All Over Kevin McCarthy’s District Telling Him To Stop Lying About 1/6

Billboards have gone up all over Kevin McCarthy’s district telling him that we’ve all heard the tapes and he needs to stop lying about 1/6.

The Republican Accountability Project tweeted:

Everyone has heard the tapes. Kevin McCarthy isn’t fooling anyone. He knows that he is lying. Republicans know that he is lying, and they continue to perpetuate the lie in supporting him, while the American people know that both Republicans and McCarthy are lying.

The pressure is only going to grow on Kevin McCarthy. It is easy for him right now when there have only been a few audio recordings released in a sporadic way.

The real test will come when the 1/6 Committee begins to hold hearings and information about McCarthy and other House Republicans emerge daily.

No one is being fooled, except for the Republicans who are kidding themselves. Kevin McCarthy will go back home and see billboards throughout his district telling him to stop lying about 1/6.



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