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Palpatine’s Most Horrific Jedi Turned to the Dark Side Was Never Vader

Palpatine manipulated Anakin into becoming Darth Vader, but another corrupted Jedi, Beyghor Sahdett ended up with a more tragic fate.

Anakin Skywalker’s fall to the dark side and rebirth as Darth Vader was key to the Star Wars saga, but he’s not the only Jedi who Palpatine corrupted. Though there are more than a few famous examples of corrupted Jedi, the worst of all is one even most Star Wars fans probably wouldn’t know.

In addition to driving Count Dooku to join the Sith as Darth Tyrannus, Palpatine also corrupted numerous Jedi who survived Order 66. While these Jedi became the dark side-using Imperial Inquisitors in canon, Legends had a wider variety of fates for corrupted Jedi Purge survivors, such as Beyghor Sahdett, who was brutalized into Palpatine’s service in secret.


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In the five-issue Star Wars: Dark Times story arc “A Spark Remains,” by Randy Stradley and Douglas Wheatley, Emperor Palpatine has five captured Jedi beaten and starved before giving them their lightsabers back so they’d fight each other, promising freedom to whoever survives. Remaining true to their duty, the Jedi all take up arms against Palpatine, who draws his lightsaber and swiftly kills all but two. Horrified by the prowess of The Emperor, one of the Jedi, a Verpine named Beyghor Sahdett, turns on the other remaining Jedi, killing her and becoming Palpatine’s secret Jedi hunter. Beyghor Sahdett notably did not become an Inquisitor as many fallen Jedi did during the reign of the Empire in the Star Wars Legends timeline. Instead, he was tasked with maintaining the ruse of still being a Jedi as he searches for another Order 66 survivor, Dass Jennir. Not only did Sahdett fail to track down Jennir, but his true position within the Empire was kept secret from Darth Vader, who killed him even after discovering the truth. In the end, Sahdett died a pointless death after failing his troops, the Jedi, and even his newfound Sith master, which even Darth Vader avoided.

Star Wars Palpatine Legends Jedi Execution

Beyghor Sahdett’s fall to the dark side is first hinted at by his survival of Order 66. Like their canon counterparts, the Legends-era Clone Troopers who were brainwashed into following Order 66. The Clones were not in their right minds when attacking Sahdett, yet he slaughtered numerous Clone Troopers while most Jedi would have avoided killing them as much as possible. Sahdett continued to kill numerous Clones while undercover for the Emperor, showing just as little remorse.

While Darth Vader’s dark side origin is more tragic, Sahdett had a darker story with far less meaning. Sahdett was tortured and intimidated into serving the Emperor, with Palpatine’s unfathomable power and skill horrifying him enough to swear loyalty to the Sith Lord. Despite this, Darth Vader redeemed himself as he died, killing Palpatine and saving the galaxy (his son included) in the process. Beyghor Sahdett was barely a footnote in the Star Wars saga, killing his own Clone Troopers and a fellow Jedi and being meaninglessly decapitated by his Sith ally Darth Vader as he failed his one mission for Palpatine.

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