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“My Body, My Choice!” – Hypocrite Letitia James Says a Woman Has a Right Over Her Body after Pushing Mask Mandates –

Radical leftist Letitia James held a rally Tuesday in New York City following the leaked report that the Supreme Court may turn over Roe v. Wade.

During her rally, Letitia bragged about how she “proudly” walked into Planned Parenthood and aborted her baby.

It made her proud. Really?

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Letitia James also ranted about how a woman has a right over her body chanting, “The right to control our bodies is a fundamental right enshrined in the 14th Amendment!… My body, my choice!”

This was certainly different from her stance less than 4 months ago.

Letitia James fought in court to force New Yorkers to wear masks indoors even after a judge ruled against the order.

Letitia’s “my body, my choice” line is a complete con, just like her integrity.



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