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Juliette Porter Defends Moving On From Sam Logan

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter is defending her choice to move on from Sam Logan after initially trying to get back together with him.

After some breaking up, getting back together, and then breaking up again, Siesta Key star Juliette Porter has defended her choice to finally move on from ex-boyfriend Sam Logan. During the current season of the MTV reality series, fans have watched the tumultuous downfall of Juliette and Sam’s relationship, followed by him swiftly moving on to Miami-based model Meghan Bischoff, then blocking her out of his life to get back together with Juliette. Not even Juliette’s mother approved of her reconciling with Sam. After all, when she broke up with Sam, she was finally able to focus on herself and build her swimsuit company, JMP The Label.


However, on the latest episode of Siesta Key, Juliette claimed she was taking a break from dating while a video circled through her friend group of her lying on a couch with her now-boyfriend, Clark Drum. Apparently, Juliette was still hooking up with Sam while she was hanging out with Clark and started to look like quite the hypocrite for getting mad at Sam for hanging out with Meghan when she was seemingly doing the same thing. While at dinner during a trip to LA with her costars, Jordana Barnes showed Juliette the video of her and Clark, which she didn’t know existed. None of the star’s friends seemed to be on her side, and her ex-best friend Kelsey Owens had some snarky comments to make.

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Despite what her friends might think, the Siesta Key star has defended her decision to move on from Sam Logan, even though she initially planned to get back together with him. Juliette defended herself on Twitter, writing, “Yes I went to Miami as one does and met a boy as one does I told Sam we were not back together nothing happened between clark and I. I owe nothing to a person who sees no future.” The star is referencing a trip to Miami that was not showcased on the reality series but was spoken about in the most recent episode of Siesta Key. According to Sam, Juliette was wearing the same outfit in the video that she was wearing when they hung out, making it seem she might have seen both guys on the same day.

Luckily for Juliette, fans of the show were on her side as Twitter user @gobriezy responded, “Y’all were broken up at that point. You didn’t owe him anything and have now found happiness with someone new who respects you and treats you better.” Earlier in the season, many of Juliette’s costars were on Sam’s side as he moved on from Juliette with Meghan immediately after they’d broken up. However, they did not have such an accepting reaction when they saw the video of Juliette and Clark. Unfortunately, costars Amanda Miller and Chloe Trautman were absent from the LA trip as they’d likely have had Juliette’s back.

Juliette has every right to defend herself. While she still may have been talking to Sam, it’s clear things were over for them, and she’s allowed to move on to a healthier relationship. Sam may have been upset, but it’s not like he hadn’t already done the same thing to his ex after their initial split. Luckily, the Siesta Key star was able to stand up for herself and seems to be happier than ever with her new boyfriend.

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Siesta Key airs Thursdays at 9 pm EST on MTV.

Sources: Juliette Porter/Twitter, @gobriezy/Twitter

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