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WizKids and CRITICAL ROLE Announce Third Wave of Ready to Paint Miniatures — GeekTyrant

Critical Role and WizKids are teaming up yet again to bring even more miniatures to your RPG table. The third wave of unpainted miniatures is set to release in September 2022 and features awesome creatures like vampires, sphinx, fey werewolves and more.

Like previous waves, these are highly detailed, primed, and ready for your inner artist to take over. The figures also come in packaging that allows you to see exactly what you’re getting when you buy your mini. You can pre-order yours now through your friendly local game store and here’s the full list of items releasing in this wave.

  • 90549 – Vampire & Necromancer Nobles

  • 90550 – Human Wizard Female & Halfling Holy Warrior Female

  • 90551 – Male Human Sorcerer Merchant & Tiger Demon

  • 90552 – Sphinx Female

  • 90553 – Sphinx Male

  • 90554 – Mage Hunter Golem

  • 90555 – Revenge Demon

  • 90556 – The Laughing Hand & Fiendish Wanderer

  • 90557 – Fey Werewolves

  • 90558 – Wisher Pixies



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