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Benedict Cumberbatch toilet spoof Kohler – Deadline

Cumberbitches, get ready to see Benedict in a way you’ve never seen before — sipping hooch on a toilet and living his best life!

Kohler should be so lucky to have a pitchman like Benedict Cumberbatch, who dropped his drawers Saturday for one of SNL‘s  classic commercials. In this case, it was a spot for the ReKhline, a toilet that comes with a reclining tank and extendable footrest that offers the world’s first “laid back casual comfort to the bathroom for the first time.”

The set-up began with Mikey Day leading a hard-boiled class on acceptable ways to sit on a toilet. While perched on white commodes, the students are expected to repeat the mantra “there’s only one acceptable way” to use the potty. That’s when Cumberbatch, dressed in a blue suit and sunglasses, enters the class by announcing he’s about to reveal “the next big thing” that’s changing “everything.”

The students turn around to see Cumberbatch loosening his belt buckle, grabbing a cocktail, and popping a squat on the fancy black ReKhline. He then rips out the pages from a book to wipe himself. Naked knees are exposed. The girls in the class grin with delight.

“Class dismissed,” Cumberbatch announces. The students rejoice by ripping up books themselves.

Bathroom humor at its finest.



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