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How Zaya Wade Overcame Hate After Coming Out as Transgender

Zaya Wade is not letting the hate get to her.

While speaking in a joint interview for People with stepmother Gabrielle Union for the Dove Self-Esteem Project, the 14-year-old teen opened up about how she’s been affected by social media criticism about her appearance since coming out as transgender in 2020.

“As a trans person, once I came out, there was a lot of hateful comments about how I should grow my hair out long or fit into a certain version of femininity, even though that’s not true at all,” she told the publication. “That kind of advice is just trying to break you, but don’t let it.”

Zaya—daughter of retired NBA star Dwyane Wade—has leaned on her family for advice, telling People that the most important lesson that she’s learned from the Cheaper by the Dozen actress is “that not everyone in the world and in the media is going to be truthful about what you look like.”



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