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Find Out What Andy Cohen Sent Colton Underwood After He Came Out

Perhaps the most frequent DMs Underwood gets are from his fans in the LGBTQ+ community who have been inspired by his coming out journey.

“A lot of heartfelt and meaningful messages were sent to my DMs, and it was very inspiring and much needed when I was going through my own struggles,” he said. “So, kindness is definitely the route to go in DMs.”

But sometimes, Underwood gets just as many NSFW DMs. “And if you’re in the mood, I guess, a lot of people prefer d–k pics, too,” he joked. “At the end of the day, a d–k pic could possibly be kind, so choose your weapon wisely.”

Answering a few questions from E! News’ fan DMs, Underwood talked about the unconventional piece of jewelry he and new fiancé Jordan C. Brown chose to symbolize their engagement. The two got engaged in February 2022.

“We have necklaces, not rings,” he said. “It’s a C with my birthstones and a J with his birthstones and then two little diamonds off to the side. And then, there’s a quote on the back.”



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