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Sideshow Reveals New Psylocke Premium Format Figure — GeekTyrant

Sideshow’s their latest figure inspired by Marvel comics is the mutant Psylocke. Sporting her classic katana and a dagger made of psi-energy, Psylocke perches atop a crumbling pagoda, ready to spring into action.

There are no posing options for this one, but it does come with a whole scene which is pretty cool. Measuring in at 21 inches tall and 13.41 inches wide, the premium figure would make a worthy addition to your collection. Though coming in with a price tag of $625, you may be just like me and find admiring the photos to be good enough.

“This challenge is to the death, remember? So how about we see just how good you really are?”

Sideshow presents the Psylocke Premium Format™ Figure, a formidable addition to your X-Men statue collection.

Beautiful and deadly, this psychic mutant is on a moonlit mission of vengeance. The Psylocke Premium Format Figure measures 21” tall and 13.41” wide in a dazzling scene with a unique forced perspective backdrop. Psylocke crouches atop a stone lantern riddled with shuriken that have missed their elusive target. The psionic blade weapon on her right arm emanates the butterfly-shaped effect of her powers. Beyond her, the full moon rises and casts light and shadow across a pair of pagodas that sit further up the mountain path. 

The polystone Psylocke Premium Format Figure is fully sculpted and features a dynamic paint application created with the scene’s thematic lighting in mind. She wears her iconic ’90s blue bodysuit with a large red sash fluttering from her waist. Psylocke also carries a sheathed katana, her left hand resting on the weapon in anticipation of her next strike. This skilled mutant fighter also comes with a swap-out right arm reaching to draw her katana blade, adding to her arsenal of display options. With detail at every angle of the sculpt, this Marvel Comics collectible is sure to be the centerpiece in any collection!

Reach deep inside your mind and bring home the Psylocke Premium Format Figure today — whether you have mutant telekinesis or not!

If you have the money though, you can pre order yours now.



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