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Who Is Noah Thompson? About The ‘American Idol’ Country Singer – Hollywood Life

Noah Thompson is one of the rising stars in country music, thanks to American Idol. Since his season 20 audition, the 19-year-old has continued to prove why he’s worthy of being the next Idol winner. He’s made it to the finale alongside HunterGirl and Leah Marlene.

So, who is Noah Thompson? From his family to how he ended up auditioning for Idol, HollywoodLife has rounded up 5 things you should know about Noah.

Noah Thompson
Noah Thompson at the top 3 reveal. (ABC)

1. Noah’s best friend pushed him to audition. 

His co-worker, Arthur, actually urged Noah to try out for American Idol. Arthur was the one who signed up and recorded Noah for the “Idol Across America” virtual audition. Noah admitted he would have never signed himself up for Idol because he’s never had confidence in himself. Arthur’s hunch paid off in a major way for Noah!

2. Noah is a construction worker. 

Prior to American Idol, Noah lived and worked in Louisa, Kentucky. He worked in construction doing remodeling, finish work, and more. “My favorite part is probably the people I work with,” Noah said in his introduction video.

3. Noah has a son. 

Noah revealed to Lauren Alaina during Hollywood Week that he recently welcomed a son with his girlfriend, Angel. “I have a little boy. He just turned 7-months,” Noah explained. “I recently became a dad. My little boy, he’s my strive for all this. Blows my mind that I’m even here, this could give me the opportunity to give my son an entire new life, a better life.”

4. Noah has original music. 

Over a year ago, Noah revealed two original songs on his YouTube channel. The songs are titled “Pedestal” and “Hearts Painted Black.” He recently released the single “One Day Tonight.”

Noah Thompson
Noah Thompson performing on ‘American Idol.’ (ABC)

5. Noah is on social media.

Noah has an Instagram and TikTok account. Since starting his TikTok account in 2021, Noah has posted several videos showing off his vocal skills. He also shared a FaceTime video chat he had with Kameron Marlowe. Kameron called Noah as he was watching Noah sing his song on American Idol.



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