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Best Tabletop Easels for Artists – ARTnews.com

Do you love to paint and draw, but space is tight? A tabletop easel is an excellent option as it folds open to sit firmly on a flat surface and easily collapses for storage. They are also perfect for art classes, workshops, and paint-and-sip parties. Often tabletop easels are used to support small works, but some expand to hold canvases up to three feet tall. Some have drawers and storage space for paints, brushes, pencils, and other supplies, and most include handles and strong latches for convenience and portability. Peruse our picks for the best tabletop easels, below.

1. Mont Marte Tabletop Easel

Beautiful, solid, smooth beechwood is at the heart of this easel and its robust design. The built-in canvas arm accommodates paintings up to 20 inches high, and the storage space is amazing. Three recessed compartments provide plenty of room for paints, brushes, and tools and keep your supplies organized. There is room for 8-by-10-inch panels and paper, too. When closed, strong latches keep the box secure, and the leather handle ensures comfortable carrying. This easel works perfectly on tables, desks, floors, and outdoors.

2. U.S. Art Supply Solana Easel

When open, this versatile, solid-wood box functions as an easel for artists, providing a flat, sturdy surface that works well for painting on canvas and drawing on thin paper. When closed, it acts as a portable lap desk, great for anyone on the move. It is made from premium aged beech that’s been hand sanded for a pristine, smooth surface. The easel has four angle positions and holds canvases up to 11 by 14 inches. Its storage drawer has three compartments for paints, brushes, pencils, and other art supplies. It folds up quickly, and finely crafted latches keep it securely closed. The box features a leather handle and is lightweight and easy to carry. Also included is a wooden palette.

3. Conda Aluminum Table Easel

Aluminum tripod easels are an excellent choice for educators and paint-and-sip party artists: They’re lightweight, portable, and a breeze to set up. Made of high-quality aluminum with brass fittings, this easel folds open easily and has two extra arms to hold canvases and boards up to 24 inches high. The angle may be changed by adjusting the easel’s back leg. Its rubber feet ensure that the easel remains in place even with rigorous painting. Closed, the easel takes up minimal space, making it easy to store an entire classroom’s worth.

4. American Easel Solid Oak Easel

This easel is a wonder: Both the top and bottom canvas holders adjust to hold canvases up to 38 inches high. Made of premium solid northern oak, the easel is sturdy and will last a lifetime. It doesn’t take up a lot of space—its footprint is 18 inches square, which is great for small work spaces—and it won’t slide around thanks to its no-skid feet. Adjust the angle of the easel with a turn of a knob and fold it flat for convenient storage. At 10 pounds, it is lightweight and portable, great for workshops and painting outdoors.

5. SoHo Urban Artist Wooden Desk Easel

Looking for a dark wood option? This tabletop easel is made of birchwood with a mahogany finish and resembles a slim briefcase when closed, with a well-made handle and brass-plated hardware. It features one drawer with three compartments and offers a work surface measuring about 13 by 10 inches; because this has cutout holes rather than being a fully flat surface, the easel weighs less than 2.5 pounds, making it the most lightweight wood option on our list. This surface can be raised to four angles depending on your preference and is finished with a nice wide lip to keep your canvas securely propped up. Other thoughtful touches include rubber feet on the base to prevent slippage and a black carrying strap for hands-free transport.

Best Tabletop Easels for Artists



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