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Love Island UK Season 8’s Davide Sanclimenti’s Age, Job & Instagram

Davide Sanclimenti is Love Island UK season 8’s first bombshell islander. A profile on the Italian stallion and the controversy he has drawn.

Love Island UK returned for its eighth season on ITV on June 6, and fans are eagerly waiting for the twists and turns the couples will face on their quest for love. One classic twist was already introduced in the first episode with the arrival of the “Italian stallion” Davide Sanclimenti. Who is Davide and what lies in store for him this summer?

Love Island UK season 8 has promised a lot for its viewers. Promoting diversity, the popular dating show has its first deaf islander, Tasha Ghouri. In another first for Love Island UK, the viewers created the initial couples. Usually, the islanders are the ones who couple up after a very brief introduction to each other, often sparking friendship and loyalty if not romantic feelings between the couples. With this twist, Love Island UK season 8 places the couples in new, shacky territory that could have long last impacts for the rest of the season. The first hurdle these fledgling couples will face is the bombshell islander, Davide. As the first bombshell of the season, Davide arrived later than the other couples and has been tasked to get to know all the girls in 24 hours so he can pick which one he wants to couple up with, leaving one of the boys vulnerable to elimination.


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Davide has a lot to deal with in his first few days at the villa. While viewers and the islanders were quick to notice how attractive he is, Davide’s Italian accent created some language barriers between him and the girls he must woo. Fans are already wondering if the now-Manchester resident is up to the task in front of him. Here is everything to know about Davide:

Davide Sanclimenti’s Age

Love Island UK Davide Sanclimenti

Born in Rome, Davide currently resides in Manchester. At 27 years old, he was either born in 1995 or 1996. Despite the nearly 10-year age gap between them, Davide made moves on 19-year-old Gemma, the youngest islander. While Gemma wasn’t initially impressed with Davide, he picked her to couple up with during Tuesday’s episode. Fans were less than impressed with this move, with Reddit user ElderberrryFar1844 comparing their relationship to the very controversial Ezra/Aria pairing from Pretty Little Liars.

Davide Sanclimenti’s Job

Love Island UK Davide Sanclimenti

While Davide’s introduction on Love Island was more focused on his charisma and being, as @seniorskipday16 tweeted, “JUST ITALY AND VIBES X,” the Italian stallion does have a job. According to Davide‘s LinkedIn profile, he’s a finance professional and entrepreneur. Currently, he is a part-time director at S Deluxe Shisha, a hospitality service in Manchester.

Davide Sanclimenti’s Instagram

In addition to the confidence he’s displayed on Love Island UK, Davide‘s Instagram showcases his love for fitness. Looks, however, aren’t everything for Davide. When asked what he will contribute to a relationship, he promised he has a good heart. “For the people around me, I’m always there, ready to support and help them in a moment of need,” he said (via Bustle). 

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Love Island UK season 8 is airing on ITV in the UK. For international viewers, a VPN is required or they can wait two weeks for the episodes on Hulu.

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