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Matt Gaetz Crumbles After Being Outed Begging For A Pardon

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) responded to be named by the 1/6 Committee as one of the members who requested a presidential pardon for his role in the coup with a flight into denial.

Gaetz tweeted after being named by the 1/6 Committee:

Nothing that Rep. Gaetz wrote in his tweet was true. The Committee has been found by numerous courts to be constitutional. the committee is not losing the interest of the American people. A recent poll found that the percentage of Americans who think that Trump should be prosecuted for 1/6 crime has grown since the hearings started, and federal law enforcement is coming after Gaetz as part of a child sex trafficking investigation, not anything to do with his other potential 1/6 crimes.

Matt Gaetz offered nothing but deflection and delusion as a response. According to witness testimony, Gaetz wanted an unprecedented blanket pardon that basically covered his entire life.

A person would not need such a pardon if they had not done many things that could be viewed as criminal. One way or another, Matt Gaetz’s freedom appears to be on borrowed time, and his whining tweet was missing a key detail.

Rep. Gaetz never denied seeking a pardon.



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