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Everything You Need To Know About The Genesis GV60 EV

The GV60 is the first electric vehicle from the luxury car brand Genesis, and the electric SUV effortlessly blends EV specs with next-gen tech.

The Genesis GV60 joins the long line of electric vehicle models to hit the market. As Genesis’s first EV, the vehicle possesses many impressive features starting with its exterior design. Genesis built the GV60 on the Electric Global Modular Platform, a platform shared with EVs like the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6. This means the GV60’s body structure, chassis, motor and battery have been customized to fit an EV. The vehicle has an appealing crossover shape, with an athletic coupé crossover utility vehicle (CUV), making the car Genesis’s most dynamic model.

With a proven record of producing luxury vehicles with striking features, Genesis joins the EV game with a purpose. The GV60 marks the company’s entry into a market rife with electric powertrains and incredible designs. The GV60 is expected to take on an EV heavyweight like the Tesla Model Y in the race for dominance. Building an all-electric SUV packed with exciting features allows an ambitious brand like Genesis to dream of conquest. 


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The GV60 is offered in two trims called Advanced and Performance, with both options powered by two electric motors in the front and rear. For the Advanced trim, the front electric motor carries 74 kW while the rear has a capacity of 160 kW. The Performance variant’s front and rear motors carry 160 kW each. A high starting price is expected for the GV60 since it’s a luxury vehicle. The base trim, Advanced, retails for $71,150, excluding registration, license, and insurance fees. Alternatively, the Performance variant retails for $80,574. Although the Performance option has more features, the Advanced trim has a better driving range of up to 248 miles. The Performance edition will offer drivers an estimated 235 miles. Both models are fitted with a Lithium-ion Polymer battery with a capacity of 77.4 kWh. While the Advanced trim provides a max power output of 314 hp, the Performance trim offers a lot more with a 429 hp power output that’s upgradable to 483 in Boost Mode. Both models share the same torque output (446 lb-ft), though the Performance variant can get 516 lb-ft in Boost Mode.

The GV60’s Cutting-Edge Technology

Genesis GV60 EV Charge

The GV60’s Boost Mode offers a better driving experience by increasing the vehicle’s power for around 10 seconds. Exclusive to the Performance variant, this feature improves the EV’s top speed momentarily. To further boost driving performance, the GV60 comes with Electronic Limited Slip Differential (E-SLSD), which heightens the transfer of torque to the wheels. This occurs when the vehicle is about to turn at high speed. With this feature, drivers will enjoy better grip, especially in harsh driving conditions like snowstorms or rainstorms. The GV60 also has a unique technology called Road Active Noise Control (RANC), using a variety of sound-absorbing gears to dampen road noise. However, this is available solely on the Performance model.

With Genesis’s interactive EV technology, a driver can be in sync with their GV60 SUV. For instance, there’s Face Connect, an innovation that requires facial recognition before the vehicle opens. Aside from being a facial recognition tool, Face Connect enables drivers to personalize the driver’s seat, steering wheel, side mirrors and infotainment system. There’s also a fingerprint authentication system allowing drivers to start and drive the EV without a key. This technology also doubles as a medium of authentication for imitating Valet Mode. Regarding the infotainment system, the GV60 EV is the pioneer Genesis model to use a next-gen infotainment system called Connected Car Integrated Cockpit (CCIC), which centralizes content across clusters, heads-up display and navigation.

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