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How Stranger Things Season 4 Eddie Actor Prepped For Metallica Scene

Exclusive: Eddie actor Joseph Quinn opens up about how he prepped for the Stranger Things season 4 Metallica scene and why he loved the sequence.

Warning: SPOILERS lie ahead for Stranger Things season 4.

Joseph Quinn had a literal rocking time on Stranger Things season 4 and he is looking back on how he prepared for one major sequence. The 29-year-old English actor made his debut in the new season of the hit Netflix series as Eddie Munson, a classmate of the young heroes at Hawkins High and the president of their Dungeons & Dragons Hellfire Club. Eddie finds himself wrapped up in the dangers around the fictional Indiana town after witnessing Chrissy’s death while trying to sell her drugs and learning of the town’s dark ties with the Upside Down.


Quinn received rave reviews from critics and audiences for his performance as Eddie in Stranger Things season 4, quickly becoming a fan-favorite character in the show. Despite this love for the character, many fans of the show expressed their concerns about what the future would hold for the character as he and his friends faced off against Vecna to stop his world-ending threat. Though Eddie would ultimately meet his end by the close of Stranger Things season 4, he did get a few epic sequences before dying and the actor behind the character is sharing some insight for how he prepared for one of them.

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Ahead of the show’s return to Netflix, Screen Rant spoke exclusively with star Joseph Quinn to discuss Stranger Things season 4, volume 2. In looking at Eddie’s Metallica scene, Quinn reflected on how he prepped for the sequence, buying a guitar and practicing as much as he could to nail “Master of Puppets” on camera. See what Quinn shared below:

“I’ve been playing since I was young, but I was in piano at the time and I didn’t have one. I just remember kind of thinking, ‘Okay, I need to get as familiar with this as I possibly can,’ so yeah, the next day, I started practicing and did that manically until the day we filmed. I learned to play the song or at least as much as I was gonna need to be able to play, everything but the solo. We got this amazing guy, I think his name was Aiden, who came in to do more complex stuff because yeah, it’s pretty fast, that song, so I did the best that I could and then he did all the tricky stuff. But it was great fun, these moments are so rare in an actor’s career to have something that felt this epic and brave and being able to be trusted to try and pull it off was an immense privilege, I’m very lucky.”

Joseph Quinn as Eddie in Stranger Things

Eddie’s Metallica scene in Stranger Things season 4 came in the finale as he and Dustin perform their iconic “Master of Puppets” track in order to distract the demobats from the Creel house in the Upside Down and allow Steve, Robin and Nancy the chance to break into Vecna’s lair and kill him. The plan would initially work and he and Dustin would try and make their escape back to the real world, though Eddie would elect to stay behind in order to buy his friend more time to escape. Eddie would be thoroughly attacked by the demobats, with Dustin reaching him just in time for them to disappear following Vecna’s defeat and to say goodbye to his friend in his final moments.

The Stranger Things season 4 Metallica scene was one of the most anticipated from audiences after trailers offered glimpses of Eddie standing atop the trailer in the Upside Down and rocking out to the song. Though he may not have played the entire track himself, those who fell in love with Eddie are sure to find Quinn’s dedication to nailing “Master of Puppets” endearing, even if not needing to have played the entire song for the epic scene. Audiences can revisit the rocking Metallica scene with Stranger Things season 4 streaming in its entirety on Netflix now.

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