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The Joker Just Flipped The MCU’s Satisfying Ending

Previews for the final issue of The Joker prepare readers for his death and feature a surprising subversion of the MCU’s satisfying ending.

Warning: Features Preview Pages for The Joker #15!

The MCU‘s satisfying Infinity Saga ending just got a subversive flip from the DC Universe’s most notorious criminal, the Joker. 2019’s Avengers: Endgame is pretty widely regarded by comic and movie fans as an incredibly satisfying ending for the MCU’s Infinity Saga. With Thanos defeated and the man who started it all, Iron Man, sacrificing himself to let the other heroes live on, things seemed to be all wrapped up in a nice little bow. However, the end credits for Endgame were a brilliant little cherry on top as it credited every actor across the MCU with highlights of their most notable moments. This perfect credits sequence saying farewell to the heroes that fans had been following for over a decade…that is, until Phase 4 began. However, one comic villain has taken this sweet MCU moment and given it a much darker meaning.


The Joker comic series has been gaining a lot of recognition among comic fans as it’s been established that the infamous antagonist would finally be meeting his maker by the end of the arc. This Joker arc has begun making connections that perhaps Batman’s most formidable ally, Commissioner Gordon, is the brains behind the operation to finally take him down once and for all, bringing him over to the dark side. It’s a pretty clever mystery that’s expected to be answered in the upcoming The Joker #15, but preview pages for the final issue show an interesting little homage for the villain.

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James Tynion IV and Giuseppe Camuncoli’s The Joker #15 features a page that shows a series of playing cards with the iconic Joker card front and center. Among it are cards that feature moments throughout Joker’s history. Some of the most notable images include his Red Hood origin as he plummets into a vat of acid while running from Batman, the murder of Jason Todd in Death in the Family and his horrific assault on Barbara Gordon in The Killing Joke. It’s a trip down memory lane at some of the Joker’s most iconic moments in comics, which is an interesting way to pay homage to the character before he’s finally killed by the end of the issue. In fact, it’s pretty similar to how Endgame handled its goodbyes to the numerous actors that took part over the course of a decade’s worth of movies…but this version of it comes with a more sinister tone.

The Joker 15 Cover Art

The Joker 15 Variant Cover 1

The Joker 15 Variant Cover 2

The Joker 15 Variant Cover 3

The Joker 15 Preview 1

The Joker 15 Preview 2

The Joker 15 Preview 3

While Endgame‘s satisfying ending was more uplifting and showed off the best of the heroes that fans came to love, Joker’s homage focuses on the worst. Of course, this makes sense because he’s Batman’s biggest rival and is notable for committing some of the worst deeds in the entire DC Universe. Still, by featuring these horrifying deeds done by the Clown Prince of Crime, the comic also manages to have readers think about the character. This is a man that has harmed so many innocent people and brought pain to the Bat-Family itself. So why is he truly so beloved and heralded by comic fans? This one image is something that will have readers question everything they knew about Joker because it will have them wonder if he’s a character that should truly be remembered.

This unique take on Endgame‘s end credits is a fascinating way to analyze just who Joker is. In a way, it could be seen as the final punchline to a joke he constructed when first created all those years ago. He’s become a fan-favorite among DC fans with merchandise, multiple comics and even an Oscar-winning film. Now that he’s about to die, he’s hit fans with the reality of him being a terrible person that probably shouldn’t be as loved as he is. It’s a fitting last laugh for the Joker, and it’s done brilliantly with this flip to the MCU‘s satisfying ending.

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Pick up The Joker #15 on July 5th at your local comic book store!

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