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Facts About Jennifer Lopez In Netflix’s “Halftime” Doc

The documentary starts with clips from behind the scenes of J.Lo’s recent critically acclaimed movie, Hustlers. The hard work that went behind the making of the movie is highlighted throughout the documentary.  “It’s super painful because it is like a crash course,” she says in the documentary, pointing to bruises on her legs from taking pole dance lessons. 

She says that she was excited about the movie because it “has substance.” “That’s something I fought for in my career,” she says. “This is a film about women who had limited options and had to make hard choices. These characters remind me of women I knew growing up in the Bronx.” 

J.Lo received a Golden Globes nomination for the movie after 20 years of being an actor. Despite being the top runner for the award, she did not win. “I really thought I had a chance; I felt like I let everybody down,” she says reflecting on the loss. The run-up to the Oscars is also featured in the documentary. Despite overwhelmingly positive reviews, Hustlers did not receive a single Oscar nomination.

 “The truth is I really started to think I was going to get nominated,” she says in the documentary. “I got my hopes up because so many people were telling me I would be. And then it didn’t happen. I had to ask myself, what does that mean? I do this not for an award. I do this to tell stories and to affect change and to connect with people and make them feel things because I want to feel something. That’s why I do it,” she says.



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