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New Gotham Knights Trailer Is All About Batgirl

After releasing trailers for Nightwing and Robin, WB Games Montréal has released a similar sizzle reel for Batgirl. While she was in the first gameplay reveal back in August 2020, this gives a more recent look at her in action.

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The studio debuted the video at its San Diego Comic-Con panel that delved into the development of the game. And while those details haven’t officially made their way on the internet just yet, the trailer has. It shows her sneaking up on some goons before using her nunchucks (that turn into a baton) to kick ass. And with her grapnel gun and cape (that looks even more like a bat), she seems to be the most like Batman from the Arkham games with some obvious differences. The video also gives a look at what a few of her costumes will look like, which players will be able to unlock in the gear-rich action RPG.

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With three trailers down and only four main characters, there will likely only be one more hero trailer focused on Red Hood before the game comes out on October 25. The gun-wielding vigilante also was the subject of the 13-minute gameplay reveal from May that showed his mystical abilities and gunkata combat style.



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