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FUSION from Richard Garfield and Justin Gary Launches in September — GeekTyrant

Stone Blade Entertainment has announced that SolForge: Fusion is releasing this September 22 via gaming and hobby stores across the nation. The game was created by Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering) and Justin Gary (Ascension Deckbuilding Game) and crushed it’s crowdfunding goal by over 1,200% (they were fully funded in less than 26 minutes). SolForge: Fusion aims to be the first hybrid deck building game that combines physical cards with a digital option. One aspect that is especially interesting to me is that they claim that no two decks are the same thanks to “the unique algorithmically generated card printing process.” The idea is that this will remove the concept of netdecking (looking up and copying decks on the internet) which definitely appeals to me. Talking about this idea, Gary said:

SolForge Fusion represents the culmination of over a decade of development from Richard [Garfield] and I to create a great game unlike any other. Players can customize truly one of a kind decks to create a unique and compelling experience every time they play, whether in person or online.

The way SolForge: Fusion works is that you take two half decks and combine them into a full deck and play from there. You can use your physical cards at in-person events or scan your deck into the online database for use online through Tabletop Simulator. Not only can you combine decks, but you’ll also combine cards. Garfield shared:

Combining two procedurally generated half-decks gives an easy way to customize your deck, and wildly expands the possibilities of a collection. And creating cards by fusing two halves together gives over 15K possible cards in the first set alone, more than were created in the first 20+ years of Magic: The Gathering!

This sounds awesome! I wish more trading card games would follow this example of scanning cards for digital use. If you’re headed to Gen Con, you can check out the in-person events including tutorials and tournaments for SolForge: Fusion.

  • SolForge Fusion Learn to Play: Learn to play this hybrid game from Stone Blade’s knowledge team! They give you your own fully playable deck and playmat to keep.

  • SolForge Fusion Sealed Tournament: Open a Booster Kit, shuffle two of four decks together and play! The most fast and fun way to play!

  • SolForge Fusion Storyline & Gen Con Release Championship: Battle to determine the future. Bring your deck or purchase one when you arrive. Bonus “Blind Play” prize given to the best performing player who received a random deck from Stone Blade.

Are you excited for SolForge: Fusion to release in September?



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