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MAVERICK Gave Them Inspiration — GeekTyrant

Oscar and Emmy-winning actress Reese Witherspoon (Walk the Line, Wild, Big Little Lies, The Morning Show) has a lot on her plate these days, with incredible series that she stars in and produces, and a bunch of other projects she’s attached to. One of her most iconic roles is that of Elle Woods in the two-film series Legally Blonde. She and her fans still look back on those films with such love and admiration that it makes total sense that all these years later there would still be a buzz about a possible third movie.

Witherspoon recently told USA Today that she is still hoping the movie comes together in “the right way,” which may surprise fans given that Legally Blonde 3 once had a 2022 release date. Development is seemingly taking longer than Witherspoon expected.

“I’m still hoping that Legally Blonde 3 is gonna come together in the right way. It’s just like Top Gun. They waited a long time to make another version of that movie, and I loved the nostalgia piece they incorporated in it. So definitely that gave us a lot of inspiration about what we would want to do with Elle Woods and make sure that we had all those same touchstones that mattered to people back then.”

Witherspoon added, “I feel like these characters are my friends, so I safeguard them. I would never make the subpar, mediocre version of their story.”

Top Gun: Maverick did prove that it truly doesn’t matter how much time has passed between sequels. If the right script comes along, I know they will be able to make a great movie for the fans. I hope it happens. What about you?

via: Variety



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