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New Hogwarts Legacy Footage Shows Hippogriff, Mocap Sessions, and Character Customization

Avalanche Software has been teasing out short clips of Hogwarts Legacy, but a recent AutoDesk presentation has given an even greater look at the action role-playing title. The event, while technical in nature, featured some behind-the-scenes footage as well as a cutscene starring a hippogriff.

The cutscene was clipped and posted by Hogwarts Legacy News on Twitter and was taken from the broader presentation. The presentation was very technical and detailed Avalanche’s production programs, mocap sessions, and the struggles it went through trying to develop a game during quarantine. While some parts showed character models of dragons and some characters, it primarily consisted of very early scenes meant for other developers.

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At the end of the video, however, the team debuted the “final” version of the cutscene it had been showing in various stages of development the whole time. Said scene had some dark magicians trying to capture a hippogriff, as well as the protagonist and another student. According to Community Manager Chandler Wood, it was an extended version of a cutscene from Sony’s State of Play presentation from earlier in the year.

The presentation also gave the faintest look at its character customization systems. It was nothing new or out of the ordinary, but showed that players can change their hair color, face shape, hairstyle, eyebrow color, and eye color in addition to adding freckles, scars, or moles. Wood later tweeted that Avalanche would give more details regarding character customization at a later date and show that “mysterious final tab.”

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