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SDCC 2022 Interview: The Dragon Prince Season 4

The Dragon Prince is finally on its way back after a nearly three-year wait, and fans celebrated with a sneak peek of the trailer at San Diego Comic-Con. Halfway through its seven-season journey, The Dragon Prince season 4 is known as The Mystery of Aaravos and naturally promises to answer some of the questions viewers have been asking about the mysteriously malevolent elf Aaravos.

But even The Dragon Prince‘s best-known characters find themselves in new and difficult positions, given the time jump in between seasons and Viren’s resurrection in the intervening years. Creators Justin Richmond (who previously directed Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception) and Aaron Ehasz (who was head writer for Avatar: The Last Airbender) have crafted a rich and expansive world, and The Mystery of Aaravos is certain to push its existing boundaries.


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While at San Diego Comic-Con, Screen Rant spoke to Richmond and Ehasz about the changes in animation to age the characters, the answers that await fans about Aaravos’ origin, and how several other protagonists will be further explored. Watch the video above, and read the interview in full below.

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Screen Rant: We’re looking forward to this next phase of The Dragon Prince. How do you describe what we’re about to get? Where do we even start?

Justin Richmond: Man, I don’t know. How do we describe it? Awesome. Spectacular. Emotional.

Aaron Ehasz: It’s good. I think you’ll like it, if you watch it. I don’t know why I’m taking this persona.

No, it’s an evolution, right? The show is evolving. There’s a time skip, as you know; the characters are older and wiser – and so is our audience. The people who were attached to this show in the first three seasons have had to wait eighty-four long years for season 4. They’re more mature, they’re ready for something that’s bigger and heavier and more complex. And that’s where the story is going.

When we were watching, the first thing I noticed is how mature the characters look. What went into finding those looks? I think that’s probably a really fun thing for you guys to tackle.

Justin Richmond: Yeah, we have an amazing artist on staff that designed a lot of the characters in seasons 1-3, CT Chrysler. He’s awesome, and he and the team at Bardel dug in.

Aaron Ehasz: We have amazing character designers. We always have to say that, because we’re constantly walking around like, “Oh my God! Wow!”

Justin Richmond: They dug in, and we started getting these designs back. It was like, “Oh, my God. They’re all so good. How are we going to pick?” But a lot of it was talking to CT and Dorothy and Hannah, and we’d would be like, “What’s the essence of what made them that?” The thing that everybody recognizes; let’s make sure we keep that.

Aaron Ehasz: Yeah, and it’s such a fun opportunity. I remember way back when, on Avatar: Last Airbender, even like giving Zuko a haircut was [wild]. Animation didn’t do that! The characters all had to be the same after every episode.

Those little changes we were able to make that showed the characters were progressing, things were changing, [and] this is a world where the actions that happen are permanent. They matter; they have consequences. Seeing that in the characters changing was great, and it’s fun here too.

What did you bring us from season 4?

Justin Richmond: We showed the first episode, 4.01, which is super exciting. Obviously, it’s not gonna be out yet. It’ll be out in November where everybody can watch it. But hopefully people at least got a taste of what’s coming for The Dragon Prince and are excited about it. I’m sure it’ll be all over Twitter and all over the internet and stuff about what’s actually in there, but we’re super excited for people to get to dig in with us for this new season.

How much fun do you guys have interacting with fan theories? Do you have a favorite thing you’ve seen about the show?

Justin Richmond: There’s a whole group of Pyrrah-Soren stuff going on. It’s a little crazy.

Aaron Ehasz: We’re not supposed to talk about that. [Laughs]

But it’s clear – and you’ll see this in the coming seasons – that having feared and in a way hated dragons, Soren has become someone who has a liking for dragons and gets along with them… and can do dragon comedy.

Justin Richmond: He can do dragon stand-up, exactly.

I think there is some backstory there that people are curious about. Will we get those answers?

Aaron Ehasz: Actually, I think what’s great about the next couple of seasons is there is a lot of mystery, and there are a lot of questions. And that’s fun. I know I’m going back to my original thesis, which was, “You’ll like it. I think it’s good.”

But Aaravos is the first voice you hear in the entire series, right? We don’t see him in season 1, but Viren is obsessed with the mirror that is a portal to seeing him. He’s introduced slowly and carefully, and now he’s becoming much more active in what’s happening. We’re going to see that and start to figure out, “What is going on? Why is he doing this?” The why is a big question that people will eventually have answered, and that’s very complicated. And it’s a beautiful story, I think.

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

Justin Richmond: No, it’s a great story.

Aaron Ehasz: But there are also mysteries, like, we’re starting to see Callum’s reaction to Rayla leaving. He has certain parts of himself that are emotionally shut off, and other parts of himself that he’s pumping all of his energy into. And those kinds of distortions affect a person; affect a character. So, we’re gonna see Callum experience things that maybe people didn’t expect. What else?

Justin Richmond: There’s tons of new characters and new factions and new things that people are going to be experiencing. As soon as you see them, you’re like, “What’s this? How does that work? What is this person doing? What are they trying to accomplish?” All that kind of stuff. You’ll definitely start to see those parse out across the next few seasons. It’s exciting; it’s a really exciting time.

What is your overall plan for the show? Do you know what the end point is?

Aaron Ehasz: We do, yeah.

Is that with season 7 or beyond?

Aaron Ehasz: Stories are complicated things. The Dragon Prince saga has a very specific endpoint at [season] 7. But also, we have a big story in our brains.

Justin Richmond: The world of Xadia will live no matter what. But, yes, there’s a definitive story.

Aaron Ehasz: The Dragon Prince saga goes to the end of season 7.

How would you describe The Mystery of Aaravos?

Justin Richmond: It moves significantly forward. I think it pushes the characters; it pushes the world; it pushes all of the stuff forward.

Aaron Ehasz: It requires a readjustment initially, but I think it’s energizing to be like, “That’s where they are. That’s what’s happening.” I think it’s a good thing.

Justin Richmond: Change.

How did you decide to do the time jump?

Justin Richmond: Technically, as Aaron likes to say, there’s no time jump because we actually showed you [in season 3]! But no one knew it. I think we hadn’t exactly pinned down how long it was going to be, but we knew it was significant. And then pretty quickly, as we started breaking season 4, it became obvious what the answer was gonna be.

The Dragon Prince Season 4 Synopsis

The Dragon Prince Viren and Claudia reuniting

Two years have passed since the Battle of the Storm Spire. Claudia, under the guidance of Aaravos, has successfully resurrected her father, Viren. Meanwhile, Callum—now the High Mage of Katolis—contemplates an ancient relic discovered in his predecessor’s chambers.

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The Dragon Prince season 4, known as The Mystery of Aaravos, will arrive November 2022 on Netflix.

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