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Netflix Releases Wild New Trailer for Season 2 of THE CUPHEAD SHOW — GeekTyrant

Netflix has released a wild new trailer for Season 2 of The Cuphead Show. The series stars Tru Valentino (The Rookie) as Cuphead, Frank Todaro (Transformers: Prime Wars Trilogy) as Mugman, Wayne Brady (Whose Line Is It Anyway?) as King Dice, Grey Griffin (Batman: Arkham City) as Chalice, Joe Hanna (Robot Chicken) as Elder Kettle, and Luke Millington-Drake (Best Friend Fix) as the Devil.

Here is a synopsis of the series:

“‘The Cuphead Show!’ follows the unique misadventures of the impulsive Cuphead and his cautious but easily swayed brother Mugman. Through their many misadventures across their surreal home of the Inkwell Isles, they’ve always got one another’s backs. The new series will expand on the characters and world of Cuphead, with an animation style inspired by the classic Fleischer cartoons from the 1930s.”

My kids are crazy for this wacky show, and the game it’s based on, so they are stoked the second season is right around the corner. Check out the trailer below, and let us know what you think. The Cuphead Show! Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on August 19th, 2022. 



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